Audiobook Maker
Many websites, such as, offer lots of complete audiobooks for free. The only problem is that these books come in many small MP3 files.
Drag and Drop: Easy!
Audiobook Maker makes joining and converting these audiobook files a breeze. With the simplicity of OS X, you just drag your MP3 files onto Audiobook Maker and click go!

Heaps of features
Audiobook Maker makes audiobooks easy with many easy to use features:
  •  Convert to MP3, AAC or iTunes Bookmarked AAC
  •  Set many properties of your audiobook including bitrate, sampling frequency and number of channels
  •  Preview any chapter with the built-in audio player
  •  When you're done, automatically add the new book to your iTunes library
  •  Reorder the chapters easily with drag and drop, or auto-sort
  •  Export in a flash with FFMpeg and Apple's ChapterTool

Check out the latest shots of Audiobook Maker:

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